Here are a few of our photos from our Wedding and Honeymoon in Belize.  

Flying in to Ambergris Caye Ambergris Caye Sunset Day 1 Sunset Day 1 Sunset Day 1 Teva Tan Day 2

Our View from Front Door Front Door View Our little thatch roof Cabana Inside our room Having a Drink at Ramone's Resort One last fling before "the day"

Practing at another couples Wedding Place Tone on the beach A Practice pose another practice pose Tone & Melissa at Altun Ha Mayan Ruins Tone & Hermit Crab

Pre-Wedding Groom waiting Melissa coming out of our hut Bride Walking Bride walking Melissa and Tone together

Wedding "I did what??" Making it official Husband and Wife Witnesses signing marriage certificate Making it official

Our dinner table on the beach Our toast There's the proof The gorgeous bride Tone still at the dinnertable hours later Melissa taking dinner into the night

 Husband & Wife Husband & Wife The Great Blue Hole - a 2 1/2 Hour ride... Melissa up at 5:30 am to dive the Blue Hole Tone up at 5:30 am - Pre Blue Hole The sun rising over Belize Melissa and Tone's sunrise waiting for boat to the blue hole...

Snorkelers at the Blue Hole Getting reading to dive the blue hole Melissa going to get ready to dive Melissa looking out over the blue hole Reef Sharks coming up to the boat More reef Sharks

Reef Shark Frenzy Sharks enjoying a mid-morning snack Notice no more snorkelers in water...they were tasty! Another Reef Shark The proof - 138 ft deep for 33 minutes... A record for us both Mel leaving the blue hole

Tone leaving the blue hole One last shot of the blue hole from sea level Our dive boat...the Miss MEL! Melissa's crabs Blue Hole from the Air Private plane charter over the blue hole

Melissa feeling good at "Sweet Basil's" Spicy food not sitting well with Tone San Pedro Streets Night Walk on Beach - Highlighting hermit crab Melissa showing the crab Our boat ride home after Cave-Tubing...exahausted!

Tour by Golf Cart A couple of boats sitting together Another boat right next to the last picture....

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