This is our kitchen remodeling project. It was started in January, 2003 and took about 4 months to complete.  The entire kitchen was gutted. This included removing the linoleum floor, cabinets, appliances, plumbing, soffits, fixtures, and the beautiful pink counter tops.

We added a new hardwood floor, cherry cabinets, crown molding, granite countertops, new sinks and faucets, new slick-top stove, Avantium oven,  dishwasher, recessed lighting, accent lighting and tiled backsplash on both sides of kitchen. With the exception of Home Depot installing the granite counter top, this entire project was done entirely by myself and the help of my friends. Special thanks to the following with their assistance and expertise with the following:

Gary - Hardwood Floor

My Dad - Installing the new cabinets

Stewart - Tiling the backsplash

Keith - Crown Molding on the cabinets


Phase 1: Below are pictures of the kitchen from every angle just before the project began.  Everything must go!!


Phase 2: First stages of removing the old linoleum floor and half of the cabinets.

Phase 3: Putting in the new hardwood floor and removing the rest of the old cabinets.

Phase 4: Time to rip out the soffits and do the electrical, plumbing, and drywall (my favorite!)

Phase 5: Painting the walls

Phase 6: Installing the new Cherry Cabinets




Phase 7: Below are pictures the kitchen with the cabinets complete and the hardwood floor in.  Now we just need to tile the backsplash and add some countertops. Melissa is @ 4 months pregnant.  A couple of pictures show the Accent lighting I added. Note the old pink countertops are currently being used until the new granite countertop arrives.


Phase 8: Below are pictures with the granite countertops installed. The last thing left to do is install the tile backsplash on both walls of the kitchen.  Sample pictures of the tile that was  selected are shown as well...


Phase 9: Tiling of both walls in Kitchen


Phase 10: The completed project! Final Pictures of Kitchen, cabinets, tile, and granite countertop.


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